Click here for a link to a bigger version of this on Imgur.

This and part 2 of the comic are the result of an overheard conversation between two of my youngest relatives about what was apparently happening to Chewbacca. There is also some stuff about how he repairs his bike when it does (or does not) have electrical problems. Maybe we’ll get to that. Like Axe-cop, I am pretty sure that these two could do a better job of writing comics for me than I ever will.

wookie trubs pt1.jpg

As always, I like attention. So, like this post, share it on Facebook (there are buttons for that and tweeting and whatnot) and let me know in real life that you saw it and it was funny. It’s okay to lie to me about that last part if you didn’t think it was funny. But, if you don’t know me in real life and you mention it to me in real life anyway, make an introduction first so it doesn’t freak me out.

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